The Founder 1
Perry de la Rosa An artist
Perry Salou is the Artistic Director of La Maison Perry De La Rosa - The jewelry brand he founded in 1991 in Nice. It is in his workshop of the French Riviera that the jewels that resemble him are born. Original creations who people directly attach. From a Baroque inspiration to the rock n'roll, stayed contemporary, these pieces that he shapes with passion often recall the sunny lifestyle of the Mediterranean, the music he loves or his travels ... Passionate about materials, curious of all that attracts the adornment and different techniques, Perry Salou is looking over flea markets worldwide to fine tune his creative world. He has the art of mixing modernity and timelessness in his collections, drawing his inspiration sometimes in the Sacred Art of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, in Glam-Rock, messages and symbols ... To create jewelry-talismans, minimalist and refined that we will never quit..